Statement from Joshua Farmer

Our church has been the target of religious bigotry and persecution for several decades. One-sided media stories with salacious headlines established the narrative and attempted to hang on us the “cult” label. Inevitably, investigations by several government agencies followed. Despite the adversity, our church, its leaders, and its members have been vindicated at every point.


II Timothy 3:12-13 Indeed, all who delight in piety and are determined to live a godly life in Christ Jesus will meet with persecution… But wicked men and impostors will go on from bad to worse, deceiving and leading astray others… We would be devastated if we did not know the truth and what the word of God says about … Read More

Jordan’s Statement

There could not be more loving, caring, and godly people than the people in this church. Their love and kindness has reached to the corners of the globe, and if the media would ever consider to publish the truth, it would really be an incredible story. I recommend that you go to the official church website and check out the … Read More


The whole set of AP articles are targeted to incite hate crimes against us at the Word of Faith Fellowship. We have received multiple threats. It appears that the accusers want the church doors closed, but they also want businesses closed. The church owns no businesses, and this ought to be against the law. If they will do this to … Read More

Statement from “Miss Norris”

Parents, students, and fellow teachers who have known me in this county, you know the type of abuse alleged in recent articles would never be allowed in any church I attend. I am a proud charter member of the Word of Faith Fellowship. I have taught in the public school system for twenty-eight years in Rutherford County, one year in … Read More

John Huddle’s Ex-wife Martha & Family Speak Out

It is astonishing to see how many people John Huddle has seduced and deceived by his fictitious book Locked In. All he is doing is out of his offense and bitterness; he is preying on you. For example, he talked about all these rules he claims the church established, and none of the church members have ever been given any … Read More

The Real Account of Michael Lowry

Recently a multi-segment article was published by the Associated Press, written by the author Mitch Weiss, in an attempt to falsely represent the Word of Faith Fellowship and Christian School as an abusive, cultish, tyrannical organization run by Pastor Jane Whaley and her “dedicated team of church leadership.” I vehemently disagree with this faulty characterization and am writing a rebuttal … Read More

Ex-wife Speaks Out

I am Amy, Peter Cooper’s ex-wife. I have known the Coopers since I was twenty-two months old. Before either of our families came to North Carolina, we were very close, always playing together and going to a church in Georgia together. I went to school with Peter, and was in high school with two of his brothers and several cousins. … Read More

Brother Tells Heartbreaking Account of His Sister

I am Amy’s brother. Amy was married to Peter Cooper. I have known the Cooper family longer than I have known my church family. Jeff and I were best friends. I am appalled and disgusted at how low the Coopers have gone to create, or rather manufacture these atrocious lies about my church family and my precious pastors Sam and … Read More

1995 Inside Edition

JOHN In 1995, Inside Edition released distorted video footage of a young man and presented it to the world as “evidence” of abuse and mistreatment practiced by the Word of Faith Fellowship. The people with the young man in the video were NOT abusing or mistreating him–they were praying. That young man in the video was me at age 11. … Read More

Hear from Educators Larry & Gloria King

We are two Black Americans, who are veteran public servants. We have dedicated our lives to working with schools, families, churches, and our community in preparing young people to function effectively and make positive contributions to our society. Our combined years of service adds up to over eighty-five years. We have worked in the capacity of teacher, guidance counselor, social … Read More

35 Acre Compound?

CONNIE DAVIESI want to address the reference being made in many articles and postings about the members of the Word of Faith Fellowship living on a 35-acre compound. The word “compound” has a deliberate implication of members being exclusive, cut off from their community, and living private, secluded lives, as though we live in an enclosed area. Members of the … Read More

Greg Burgeson responds

I am a retired registered nurse, and my wife is Rita Burgeson, a retired public school teacher of thirty years in our local community. We have bought, sold, and built houses and bought multiple cars in the over thirty years we have been part of the Word of Faith. We have never had to get permission to do any of … Read More