Statement from “Miss Norris”

Parents, students, and fellow teachers who have known me in this county, you know the type of abuse alleged in recent articles would never be allowed in any church I attend. I am a proud charter member of the Word of Faith Fellowship. I have taught in the public school system for twenty-eight years in Rutherford County, one year in Polk County, and two years in Spartanburg South Carolina District #2. You know my lifestyle, and I thank you so much for your prayers and for supporting me. I have always loved all of you, and I still love you.
I have known Jane Whaley for sixty-nine years–she is my first cousin. All I have ever seen her do is lay down her life selflessly for everyone she comes in contact with. She exemplifies John 15:13 more than anyone I have ever seen–no one has greater love than to lay his own life down for his friends. It grieves me to see what is going on against her; these wicked allegations are all lies. Jane is exactly the opposite of what they are saying. She is always available for whoever needs her twenty-four hours per day when someone needs help, whether it is my church family or someone else who needs help. She has truly loved the “unlovable,” and her lifestyle epitomizes the life of a true Christian. She loves not just in words, but in deeds in every part of her life. She has truly set an example of godly living for all of us.
Frank Webster is my cousin, and he is one of the finest Christian young men that I have ever known, with impeccable character of integrity whose lifestyle exemplifies godly, holy living. I have also known Chris Back for years, and he too demonstrates excellence and strong Christian values. I am shocked at these allegations which question the character and morality of these precious, priceless young men, because the truth is the exact opposite of the allegations published by the Associated Press.

I have been teaching in the classrooms at the Word of Faith Christian School since November 2011 and can attest to the fact that there is no abuse in our school period. I am daily in the classrooms and hallways of our Christian school. I also know the families that have been speaking out these absurdities against my church. I know them personally–it appalls me and astounds me as to what they have become after all they have been given in this church. Our children only have to pay for their books, because they have free tuition. Most Christian schools charge thousands of dollars per year. All our children have is a top-notch education. Our students have been able to go on to higher education and succeed due to the foundation that they received at the Word of Faith Christian School. God has blessed me abundantly by giving me true pastors in Sam and Jane and a church family that really loves me.