35 Acre Compound?

I want to address the reference being made in many articles and postings about the members of the Word of Faith Fellowship living on a 35-acre compound. The word “compound” has a deliberate implication of members being exclusive, cut off from their community, and living private, secluded lives, as though we live in an enclosed area. Members of the Word of Faith Fellowship live in neighborhoods around Rutherford County: Rutherfordton, Spindale, Ruth, and Forest City. Some do not even live in the limits of any municipality, but on county land in Golden Valley and Harris, and several families in the church actually live in Polk County. Most families in the church have purchased their own homes, lands and properties, refuting claims that the church owns the homes of its members. Our many neighbors throughout the county can verify the facts—we do not live on a compound. We live in beautiful homes, in wonderful neighborhoods, among special friends. Following are personal statements to refute the claims that Word of Faith Fellowship members live on a 35-acre compound:
I moved to Rutherford County over 30 years ago. Our first house was on Mountain Street in Rutherfordton; our second home was on Magnolia Street in Forest City, and our present location is in the Forest Hills South development of Rutherfordton where we have lived for almost 20 years. We purchased our last home for the purpose of caring for my husband’s elderly parents. We have never lived anywhere close to the church, and we have owned all three of our homes.

My name is Justin Davies and I have been a member of Word of Faith Fellowship since 1986. I happen to be the first child who attended this church. I would like to explain how my life has not been secluded in the Word of Faith Fellowship according to the ex-members who enjoy undisturbed attention by “fake news” outlets such as the Associated Press.

I graduated from Western Carolina University in 2006 with B.S. Engineering Technology, and I went on to graduate from NC State University in 2011 with a Master of Industrial and Systems Engineering. From 2006 until the present, I have daily commuted an hour from my home to work as an engineer for large corporations, not owned by the Word of Faith Fellowship. In addition, my wife and I started our own business in 2009 which has required us to travel around the world, from different parts of the United States to several countries in Europe. Perhaps I have been “SECLUDED” in Hilton Hotels and airplanes.

Bryson S: I live on a black angus cattle farm in Golden Valley. The farm has been in my family for several generations.
Ray N: We have been blessed to live in a lovely 4000 square foot home on the southeast side of Forest City for over 25 years.
Brent C: My family and I live 7.1 miles northwest from the church in a French Country brick home in rural Rutherford County.
Elizabeth B: When I first moved to Rutherford County I lived in a house on Mountain Street. Today, my husband and I live on a 30-acre farm in Rutherford County where we raise cows.
Sandra M: I just bought a new two-story brick home in a sub-division in Rutherfordton.
Christy C: I’ve lived in Ruth for almost 13 years. It’s very convenient since I work two minutes away.
Steffonza M: I live in a beautiful two-story home located in Polk County near the Tryon International Equestrian Center.