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Word of Faith Responds is a series of radio programs giving the truth about the Word of Faith Fellowship. The programs address the relentless onslaught of attacks and lies spread by the media against the church, and they share the miraculous testimonies of God’s power in the lives of church members. Below you will find the complete archive of the radio shows, which are aired live on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays, 8:30am – 9:00am on WCAB AM 590. New shows will be added to this archive.

Word of Faith Responds - 10-10-2018

AP Article An Example of Fake News – No Slavery! After thorough examination of all testimony, a Brazilian judge had one inescapable conclusion. The church in Franco da Rocha, Brazil, affiliated with Word of Faith Fellowship, was cleared of all charges. At every point, the entirely false testimony of complaining witnesses fell apart, and the judge noted the egocentrism of these former members of the church, whose lives had been richly blessed.


Word of Faith Responds 09-24-2018

Delivered from the Shame of a Double Life – Jordan was crushed by the death of his father and his life feeling alone at a very young age. He was held by chains of sin as he went to church but lived a life of sin with alcohol, partying, drugs, and even cocaine. He found God’s mercy and deliverance with his life changed forever at Word of Faith Fellowship.


Word of Faith Responds 09-17-2017

So Grateful for God’s Keeping Power - With a Greek upbringing, Christine was drawn deep into the occult and a very worldly lifestyle until she heard about Jesus; though she compromised to try to save her marriage, Christine found the presence of God again and found deliverance and fulfillment in Him alone.


Word of Faith Responds 09-14-2018

From African Witchcraft to Faith in Jesus! Growing up around the dark forces of witchcraft will dull your spiritual understanding and blind you to evil, but God’s hand was on Christopher as He miraculously led him against all odds.


Word of Faith Responds - 09-12-2018

A Fight for God’s Will – God’s drawing power led Allison from California out of a lifestyle of alcohol and ungodly relationships, and as she fought for God’s will, her cry for spiritual shepherds was answered when He led her to Word of Faith Fellowship.


Word of Faith Responds - 09-10-2018

God is Our Redeemer – Bonnie entered beauty contests as a young person, married the wrong person although she felt God’s conviction, and later turned to wine for her comfort, but her life completely changed when God touched her and led her to marry the right person and find His will.


Word of Faith Responds - 09-07-2018

So Glad to Be Part of God's Family - Listen to how God’s power rescued a broken, very abused, very rejected young lady and gave her spiritual parents and true life in the family of God.


Word of Faith Responds 09-05-2018

A single mother striving for the best for her and her son found love and restoration in the family of God at Word of Faith Fellowship.


Word of Faith Responds 09-03-2018

Faith No Matter How Dark – Born in Athens, Greece, miraculously adopted by a U.S. Navy couple, and kept by God’s power even through a very abusive marriage and difficult times.


Word of Faith Responds 08-31-2018

From years of trouble, juvenile detention, and life filled with rage, Kevijah changed to become a happy new life filled with God’s great love.


Word of Faith Responds 08-29-2018

Nothing is Too Difficult for God – Hear how God delivered from severe post-partum depression, suicidal thoughts, eating disorders, and constant torment when He brought Anne and her family from Ireland overnight to Word of Faith Fellowship.


Word of Faith Responds 08-24-2018

An Intellectual, Engineer, & Wandering Soul Finds Jesus! The loving arms of our Heavenly Father found Harry as he was on a trek through Europe and Africa. Drugs, alcohol and imponderable questions gripped his heart until God turned his life around completely.


Word of Faith Responds 08-17-2018

The Son of a Cuban Refugee Searches for Truth and Finds Hope in Spindale, NC – Gilbert lived a life punctuated by successes but did not find purpose, peace, and direction until he met Jesus and was delivered from the devil’s power through prayer. Through heartaches and the consequences of personal choices pain gave way to the promise of a new life!


Word of Faith Responds 08-15-2018

Chosen and Accepted by God – Close sisters Christie and Lynn grew up seeking acceptance and purpose in their lives that were filled with terrible instability and confusion around bad influences including rock and roll bands, but God led them to find the wonderful life He had chosen for them.


Word of Faith Responds 08-13-2018

“A Place You Can Open Your Heart,” Word of Faith Fellowship – Zeda became trapped in witchcraft practices, with a lifestyle of partying, drinking, and turning to relationships after she had been physically abused as a child, but she describes how God led her out of bondage, just as He led the children of Israel out of Egypt.


Word of Faith Responds 08-10-2018

God is the Answer to Everything – Liz was daring, adventurous, and empty inside as she looked for answers and pursued fulfillment throughout her life in outdoor activities, hobbies, relationships, and a career – she found all her answers through God and His people.


Word of Faith Responds 08-08-2018

John has been delivered from alcohol, cigarettes, lustful desires, and profanity as he reached out to Jesus through prayer. God miraculously cured Carol of cancer, and led her to overcome the negative influences of her childhood.


Word of Faith Responds 08-06-2018

Two Sisters’ Journeys to Know Jesus – Drugs almost completely destroyed Kim’s life, but through strong prayer and the love of God’s people, deliverance and stability have come to her. Stacy shares her journey seeking for Jesus and fighting for her sister’s life.


Word of Faith Responds 08-03-2018

God Gives Life – Confusion, disgrace, and shame through drugs and alcohol led Julia to choose twice to have abortions, knowing in her heart this was wrong. Julia describes her immense gratefulness for God’s mercy and healing power in her life.


Word of Faith Responds 08-01-2018

It is So Good to Find Home – Brought up in Los Angeles, Tim sought fulfillment in surfing, drugs, and partying, before turning his heart to God. Leaving behind a successful career, God led him to Word of Faith Fellowship where he found his true home.


Word of Faith Responds 07-30-2018

You Will Find God When You Seek Him – As a young man in Denmark, Claus was surrounded by dead religion and all kinds of sins. A deep hunger to know Jesus led him on a path to the deliverance he ultimately found at Word of Faith Family Fellowship.


Word of Faith Responds 07-27-2018

Bruised, Broken and Unbelieving—A New Life in Jesus – A troubled Danish man ignorant of the Bible and God’s ways, found a path to new life, hope, and healing through knowing Jesus. Kim had a hunger in his heart nothing else could fill until encountering the message and path to salvation.


Word of Faith Responds 07-25-2018

Mother & Daughter Describe the Destructive Power of Addiction and God’s Power to Save! A drug-addicted or alcoholic parent leaves paths of family destruction. Amanda and Pat share how a tumultuous family life can be healed by the God’s miraculous power.


Word of Faith Responds 07-18-2018

God Speaks Even in the Chaos of Broken Lives – Reckless lives are rescued from bad choices and impossible circumstances the moment we ask Jesus to take control. In a world where divorce seemed like a good solution, Phil and Sherry share powerful testimonies of restoration and the simple instructions of God’s love through 1 Corinthians 13.

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