Brother Tells Heartbreaking Account of His Sister

I am Amy’s brother. Amy was married to Peter Cooper. I have known the Cooper family longer than I have known my church family. Jeff and I were best friends. I am appalled and disgusted at how low the Coopers have gone to create, or rather manufacture these atrocious lies about my church family and my precious pastors Sam and Jane Whaley. The people in my church have never abused anyone, but, on the contrary, I watched, with my heart aching, the mistreatment that my sister went through with Peter Cooper. You can see her video on the Word of Faith Fellowship website (WFF Speaks Out blog page) telling what she went through, but thank God He has delivered Amy from this abuse and given her a wonderful husband and a wonderful life.
I am so happy that I found the Word of Faith Fellowship. It has been to me a resting place, a solace, a refuge. I had the pleasure of graduating from the Christian school with honors. It was here that God brought me my wife, and no man, including Jane Whaley, told me to marry her. I wanted to marry her because God put His everlasting love deep in my heart for her. Today, Katrina and I are raising our two beautiful and un-abused children who God gave us, unannounced to any man, nor directed by any man, including Jane Whaley, in the Word of Faith Fellowship and Christian School. They are growing up uncontaminated by the world and its unholy ways. I am eternally grateful that Sam and Jane Whaley are not moved by the constant onslaught of lies fabricated to break them down, to cause them to give up and quit. If it were not for these two people and the lives they have chosen to live, I would be eternally lost. I feel sorry for the Cooper family and their corroborators. To the Whaley family and the other ministers of the church, I will be forever grateful!