Hear from Educators Larry & Gloria King

We are two Black Americans, who are veteran public servants. We have dedicated our lives to working with schools, families, churches, and our community in preparing young people to function effectively and make positive contributions to our society. Our combined years of service adds up to over eighty-five years. We have worked in the capacity of teacher, guidance counselor, social worker, and school administrator. We both retired with excellent evaluations from our public school positions after working in three different states. We now do volunteer work in the Word of Faith Christian School and serve on the school’s advisory board. THERE IS NO WAY we would silently stand by and watch our children or any other child be abused.

Our Word of Faith Christian School students achieve the highest honors in high schools and in colleges over the years of our educational experience. Never would an abused child ever be able to achieve this level of academic excellence – it is absurdity what they are saying.