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Word of Faith Fellowship Responds to AP investigative report

Spindale, North Carolina – February 27, 2017 — We are shocked and saddened to learn of the false allegations made against our church and its pastors by certain former members and reported in a recent Associated Press article authored by Mitch Weiss. We do not condone or allow abuse – in any form – at our church. Period.

These false allegations were predominantly made by members of an extended family, with one of its members currently facing several legal battles, both civil and criminal. We believe these allegations are carefully targeted and timed to prejudice the jury pool, put pressure on the judges and elected officials, and otherwise influence the public in an attempt to gain advantage in these legal cases. The allegations of this small group of people should be viewed in contrast to the number of faithful members in our large congregation. It is curious – and revealing – that those now speaking out have sat on their allegations for several years and only speak out at what they perceive to be an advantageous time. If our church is such an abusive place, why did several of the attorneys quoted in Mr. Weiss’s article allow their children to continue to attend our church and school for months after they withdrew from membership in the church? Further, it is notable that one of the most vehement critics quoted in the article routinely insisted that his infant daughter be cared for daily by the very individuals he now accuses of heinous abuse.

False allegations have been made against our church in the past. Investigations at several levels of government have been conducted. We have been exonerated at every point. Although Mr. Weiss’s article references his review of various legal documents, it fails to educate the reader on these exonerations.

We remain hopeful that the public will see through these fabrications and see them for what they are.

    Sam & Jane Whaley, Pastors
    Word of Faith Fellowship

    Joshua Farmer, Attorney
    Farmer & Morris Law

Joshua Farmer
Farmer & Morris Law
(828) 286-3866
[email protected]

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