Hear the Truth About the Word of Faith Fellowship - Refuting Serious Media Lies

The foundational Biblical beliefs of the Word of Faith Fellowship have been completely misconstrued and portrayed by the Associated Press and other media outlets recently in a manner that is disgraceful to the doctrine of the church. Listen as Mark Morris describes some of the core principles of the church and addresses the serious lies that have been spread. Contrary to the vicious narrative published by the media through series of articles, the Word of Faith Fellowship is dedicated to helping heal broken lives, restoring wounded families, and training people of all ages and walks of life to be shining lights for Jesus in this dark world.


Destructive Lies vs. Long Record of Truth - Justin Calls for Accountability

Amidst a storm of pernicious and hateful lies spread by the Associated Press to aim to destroy lives and bring down the vibrant loving church at Word of Faith Fellowship, Justin Covington speaks the long-established truth evidenced by his own life, by his siblings’ sworn testimony in courts of law throughout the years, and by numerous court findings. He tells the true reality of the unthinkable abuse and trauma that he and his siblings experienced in their young childhood before becoming part of Kent and Brooke Covington’s family at the Word of Faith Fellowship. Justin exposes how his relatives have viciously betrayed the very people who always loved them the most, being ungrateful and portraying the tremendous good that was done for them as evil. Justin expresses the reality of his wonderful happy life and his deep commitment to love God and love people - he will not be silent in the face of evil.


Truth About WFF Prayer - Miracle of Child Healed from Serious Cancer

Joveille and Jasmyne Clark refute the serious widespread lies and international media attacks about prayer at the Word of Faith Fellowship. Braylan Clark, diagnosed with severe cancer when he was only ten months old, is now a seven-year-old, cancer-free, healthy, happy, intelligent child — a miracle his parents know is a direct result of the prayers of the Word of Faith Fellowship. The Clarks are alarmed about the lies being spread and the completely false way the church’s prayer has been depicted. Here they testify to the miraculous healing power of God they have seen in their son due to this prayer and the overwhelming love of their pastors, ministers, and friends at their church - there is no abuse at Word of Faith Fellowship.


Truth From a Dedicated Adoptive Mother-Refuting Media Lies

Destructive lies by Associated Press articles have portrayed parents in the Word of Faith Fellowship as using “power and lies” to deceive children and “steal” them by corruptive means. This allegation by the AP, Nancy Burnette, and others is absurd, completely false, and an insult to wonderful happy parents with adopted children who have lived together and flourished for many years. Allison gives truth about her detailed adoption process for her son, even when her former husband abandoned them. Her son’s progress is clearly evident as he is raised in love and excellence by his mother at Word of Faith Fellowship.

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Lies Exposed - A Loved Son Turns to AP with Concocted Story

Jamey Anderson was not the abused child he presents himself as in the recent Associated Press article and video. His mother Patti, his grandmother Dot, and his step-sister Allison, speak out with the heartbreaking reality of what they endured through Jamey’s childhood. They have always deeply loved Jamey and persistently tried to help him, despite the decisions he has made and the abusive way he treated them. Jamey has been gone from home for over ten years, yet has only now gone to the Associated Press spreading lies to paint a horrible picture about his loving family - nothing short of a ploy to influence a custody battle regarding his nephew.


Younger Brother Exposes Brent Johnston’s Lies Reported to the Associated Press

Zachary Creason clearly dispels numerous lies told by his brother Brent and spread by the Associated Press about both his adoptive parents Bill and Jennifer Creason and his church. He recounts his and his brother’s strong desire to be adopted into the Creason family, and he even discusses his biological mother’s full support for the adoption. He further addresses many of the lies that Brent has told about being confined against his will and “stolen” from his biological mother. Zachary is forever thankful for the Creasons and for his church family.

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Current WFCS Student Tells Truth - Refuting the Lying Media Onslaught

Listen as Zachary, a current student in eleventh grade in the Word of Faith Christian School, refutes the entirely unfounded lies spread by the Associated Press about Jane Whaley and specifically the allegation that students are taught to lie. He has always been taught to speak truth, and in fact has talked to Rutherford County Department of Social Services workers twice reporting truth to them about his happy life. He attests that the Word of Faith Christian School has no abuse, and that Jane Whaley is extremely loving, kind, and selflessly dedicated to helping people.


Student Shatters Media Character Assassination of His Teacher Patti Dolan

Sixteen-year-old Zachary Creason cannot be silent in the face of evil lies told about his teacher Patti Dolan, lies told by her son Jamey Anderson and spread by the Associated Press and other media outlets. He speaks of the love and commitment that his teacher, whom he refers to as “Aunt Patti,” has for him and for all his fellow students. He has known his teacher Patti well for many years, and even visits her home frequently - she is nothing but kind, gentle, and loving to everyone. The appalling lies about her must be stopped.


An Appalled Grandmother & WFF Member Sets the Record Straight

Charlene Moore, a long-time member of the Word of Faith Fellowship, is appalled by the lies recently reported in Associated Press articles about her church by her grandson, Brent Johnston. It is clear to her that Brent has been influenced by people who are out to construct an ever-changing narrative with a vicious goal to bring down the church. Moore refutes her grandson’s lies and recounts the years of genuine love and support that she and the rest of her family continue to receive at the Word of Faith Fellowship.