Ex-member Did Not Flee: David Guy Gives Truth

I am Liam Guy’s brother. I am a public middle school teacher. I am speaking out on behalf of my mother, Jean Guy, and myself. Sometimes the lengths that people go to make their story sound authentic is so outlandish as to approach the preposterous. My brother is Liam Guy and his lies about having to “flee” an “atmosphere of abuse” are totally fabricated. It took my brother a process of several months to move himself and his belongings out of my mom’s house. In my mom’s words, “How can you claim to be fleeing, when you have to load the biggest U-haul possible after staying in the house for several months?” The reason he was asked to move out was he had become abusive towards my mom. We still love him, but he needs to right the wrongs he has done towards my mom. He lied about her. He dishonored her. He threatened her. He scared her. We will be giving you further details on our YouTube channel: WFF Speaks Out.